Scottish Government restates commitment to integration

In a letter to Partnerships, Local Authorities and Health Boards, the Scottish Government and COSLA have restated their commitment to delivering the integration of health and social care services in Scotland. The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland( Act 2014 set out the arrangements for integration in Scotland. Integration Authorities  (Health and Social Care Partnerships) came into being in April 2016.

The following joint statement has recently been issued by:

Cabinet Secretary For Health And Sport
COSLA President
Director General, Scottish Government Health And Social Care
Directorates And Chief Executive, NHSScotland
Chief Executive, COSLA
Chair, SOLACE 26 September 2018



We need to step up the pace of integrating health and social care. Truly integrated services, focused on the needs of citizens – individuals, carers and families, and on the health and wellbeing of local communities – require our leadership and personal commitment. We need to act together and in our individual roles to accelerate progress.

There are challenges that we must address. We will work together, and with our local populations as well as partners in the third and independent sectors, to understand public expectations and better meet needs for health and social care, which go hand-in-hand with improvements in life expectancy and the availability of new medicines and technologies. We are already making progress. We recognise that we are jointly responsible for tackling these challenges and that we need to adapt, compromise and support one another to deliver integration for the people of Scotland.

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act 2014 puts in place governance and financial arrangements, and a set of outcomes, for us to work within to achieve integration. We share a duty to empower Integration Authorities, to hold ourselves and one another to account in order to make integration work. We will learn from one another and adopt good practice. We will also work collaboratively and in partnership beyond the statutory sector to deliver improvements.

We commit to delivering together because that is the right way to deliver better services for our citizens.

The Angus Health and Social Care Partnership has progressed the delivery of integration through its Strategic Plan. Progress and Performance reports have been produced annually to help keep the public informed of our work. Angus HSCP is currently working on the development of its new strategic plan for 2019-2022. Come along to our conversation events to get involved.