Information for unpaid carers in Angus/Staff supporting carers

If you are already in contact with social work services, you should direct any questions you have to the care manager who is supporting the person you are caring for.

If there is no social work contact they should call Angus Carers Centre on 01241 439157.

If you are in contact with a family where you believe there is a family member or friend supporting someone who cannot cope on their own, please encourage them to come forward for support or you can make a referral to us on their behalf (with their consent). This can be done easily through our website at

You can find out more about our “Referral Pathway” here.

Although most of our staff are working from home they are still supporting carers across Angus.

“Support is only a phone call away”

General enquiries can also be made by emailing

Our Facebook pages are regularly update. Keep an eye out for updates here:

Angus Carers Centre also have a newsletter that you can have a look at here.