Angus Hearing Aid Clinics – Thank you

We are delighted to say the return of the Volunteer Hearing Aid Clinics on Thursday 22nd October went very well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers whom are returning for their cooperation, hard work, resilience and determination to overcome challenges to offer this service to our patients. Without them this heavy relied on service would not be able to go ahead.

Our NHS volunteers are able to replace tubing for standard NHS hearing aids with ear moulds and now Open Fit Style Hearing aids.

Next clinic dates are as follows (to book please call audiology 01382 596965):

Whitehills Health and Community Care Centre (FORFAR)

Tuesday 27th October 10am -1pm
Thursday 5th November 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 10th November 10am-1pm
Thursday 19th November 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 24th November 10am-1pm

Links Health Centre (MONTROSE)

Friday 13th November 10am-1pm
Friday 27th November 10am-1pm
Friday 11th December 10am-1pm

Leigh Mitchell
Voluntary Services Coordinator