Held on 27th June 2018

Welcome to the briefing from the Angus Integration Joint Board (IJB).  It is hoped this short summary will help to provide some details about the work taking place in Angus to support health and social integration.  We are always interested in any feedback and if you want to leave comments, details of how these can be provided are given overleaf.

The latest Integration Joint Board meeting took place on 27 June 2018 and what follows is a summary of the topics that were discussed in open session. If you would like to see the full reports these are published online at: https://www.angus.gov.uk/healthsocialcareintegration/integration_joint_board_agendas_reports_and_minutes.

Appointments to the Board and the Audit Committee (Report IJB 38/18)

This report noted the appointment by NHS Tayside of Emma Jane Wells and Trudy McLeay as voting members of the Board.  The Board was also asked to appoint a member of the Audit Committee from the three voting members from NHS Tayside (but excluding the current Chair of the Board).  Trudy McLeay was duly appointed.

Finance Report (Report IJB 39/18)

This report provided an update to the Angus Integration Joint Board (Angus IJB) regarding the financial position of Angus IJB. It included confirmation of the 2017/18 year end out-turn.

The overall financial position of the IJB does have a material impact on the way Angus IJB provides services in future. By making ongoing progress with delivery of efficiencies and cost reduction programmes alongside service redesign and modernisation, the IJB will be most able to deliver the services it requires to deliver to the local population on a sustainable basis.

The Angus IJB noted the overall financial position of Angus IJB at 2017/18 year end and progress with 2018/19 savings delivery.  They also noted the 2018/19 Annual Financial Statement and the risks documented in the Financial Risk Assessment.

Prescribing Management Report (Report IJB 40/18)

This report provided an update with regards the Angus FHS prescribing position and actions being taken to address the financial situation following the last report to the IJB in April 2018.

The IJB noted the content of the paper and the scale of activity being progressed across Angus and regionally to address the prescribing overspends.  They also noted the evolving financial planning framework and the ongoing inclusion within the overall Angus IJB Financial Planning Framework.   The forecast prescribing overspends do continue to represent the most significant risk for the IJB’s financial planning and therefore to both NHS Tayside and Angus Council.  Angus IJB is working closely with NHS Tayside to ensure there are whole system interventions in place to assist resolve the prescribing challenges and to augment work being undertaken locally.

Delivering the New 2018 General Medical Services Contract in the Context of Primary Care Development in Angus (Report IJB 41/18)

The purpose of this report was to detail the development of the Primary Care Improvement Plan to deliver the new 2018 General Medical Services Contract, and seek the IJB’s approval of the Plan.  The Contract aims to develop a sustainable model of general practice through the development of a multi disciplinary support team working in and around general practice, enabling GPs to have more capacity to fulfil their role as Expert Medical Generalist.

The IJB approved the Tayside Primary Care Implementation Plan and requested that the Chief Officer to progress actions within the plan within the overall outlined financial allocation.  The IJB also requested a progress update report in August prior to submission of the first national financial monitoring report in September 2018.

Annual Strategic Progress and Performance Report (Report IJB 42/18)

The purpose of this report was to update the IJB on the progress made in delivering the strategic plan and the effect of our activity on performance during 2017/18.  This report built on previous quarterly performance reports presented to the IJB.  The report demonstrated the level of improvement activity being delivered across the partnership and showed how that is driving progress towards the delivery of the Partnership’s vision, strategic shifts and planned outcomes for the people of Angus.

The IJB approved the 2017/18 Strategic Progress and Performance Report for Angus and also recognised the progress that had been made by staff in delivering the aims of the Strategic Plan.  They approved the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Group to retain the four priorities for the development of the Strategic Plan 2019-2022, and asked the Chief Officer to ensure that updated performance reports are provided to the IJB biannually.

Free Personal Care for Under 65s (Report IJB 43/18)

This report outlined the national and local plans for the implementation of Free Personal Care for Under 65s (‘Frank’s Law’), a new duty which comes into force on 1 April 2019.  Legislation will extend the right to free personal care from over 65s only, to under 65s. This will have significant implications for the Angus Health & Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) in terms of demand for service provision, arrangements for delivery, and cost.  The Scottish Government has indicated that some funding will be made available for transition and to address the increased costs, but as yet no figures are available. The national implementation group has appointed a sub group to consider the financial implications and its first meeting took place on 18 June 2018.

The IJB noted the contents of this report and will seek a progress report at the December 2018 IJB.

Feedback and Comments

We hope you found this brief summary useful, but any comments or feedback are considered very useful.  Please contact us at our email address: hsciangus.tayside@nhs.net.