Held on 30th October 2019

Welcome to the briefing from the Angus Integration Joint Board (IJB).  It is hoped this short summary will help to provide some details about the work taking place in Angus to support health and social integration.  We are always interested in any feedback and if you want to leave comments, details of how these can be provided are given overleaf.

The latest Integration Joint Board meeting took place on 30 October and what follows is a summary of the topics that were discussed in open session.  If you would like to see the full reports these are published online at:  https://www.angus.gov.uk/healthsocialcareintegration/integration_joint_board_agendas_reports_and_minutes

Agenda Item 4 – Update Report – Primary Care Improvement Plan – Angus (Report IJB 59/19)

The purpose of this report is to provide an update report for the 2019/20 Angus Primary Care Improvement Plan approved by the Integration Joint Board in April 2019.

The IJB noted progress made in delivery of 2019/20 Angus Primary Care Improvement Plan.  They requested a further report in April 2020, providing an end of year report for 2019/20 and submission of the year 3 2020/21 Angus Primary Care Improvement Plan for approval.


Agenda Item 5 – Review of Reserves Policy (Report IJB 60/19)

This report sets out proposed revisions to the IJB’s Reserves Policy for consideration and approval and describes the purposes for which reserves may be held.

The IJB approved the proposed revision to the Reserves Policy.


Agenda Item 6– Finance Report (Report IJB 61/19)

This report provides an update to the IJB regarding the financial position of Angus IJB including financial projections for 2019/20, an update regarding reserves and an update of financial risks.

The IJB noted the overall projected financial position of Angus IJB for 2019/20.  They also requested a report to be submitted to the December 2019 IJB meeting, setting out the impact of demographic growth for Older Peoples and other Services, including mitigation measures.

The IJB noted the update regarding IJB reserves, approved the recommendations in relation to allocation of these reserves and noted the risks documented in the Financial Risk Assessment.


Agenda Item 7 – Angus Alcohol and Drug Partnership Progress Report (Report IJB 62/19)

The purpose of this report is to provide an update to the IJB on the new national substance use strategies; Rights, Respect & Recovery, the Alcohol Framework 2018, and to provide an update on the implementation of a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC).

The IJB noted and endorsed the work being undertaken by the Angus Alcohol and Drug Partnership, particularly in relation to the development of the Angus Overdose Prevention Plan.

The IJB also noted the ongoing work of the Tayside Drug Deaths Group and the Tayside Overdose Prevention Group and noted the work being undertaken via the Angus Non-Fatal Overdose Pathway.


Agenda Item 8 – Angus Mental Health Services Strategic Priorities (Report IJB 63/19)

The purpose of this report is to brief the IJB on the strategic intentions of the Angus Adult Mental Health Services.

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) published its Strategic Commissioning Plan earlier this year. Supporting prevention, independence and shifting the balance of care from hospital to community are crucial drivers for mental health and wellbeing. Our progress will be monitored through the Angus HSCP Strategic Improvement Plan.

Angus HSCP works with the Tayside Mental Health Alliance, which are developing a three year whole system strategy focussing on secondary ‘Care and Treatment’ services that are best commissioned at a Tayside level.

The IJB noted the strategic direction of the service.


Agenda Item 9– Progress Report – Interim Performance Report – Falls Admissions (Report IJB 64/19)

Admissions to hospital following a fall, in people aged over 65, have been increasing in Angus from 2017. This interim report considers the possible reasons and notes the intention to develop new approaches to falls and where necessary make improvements in the community, following detailed assessment and analysis of the issues.

The IJB noted the content of the Performance Report on Falls Admissions.  A further report will be submitted to the IJB in February 2020 following further assessment and analysis.


Agenda Item 10 – Winter Plan (Report IJB 65/19)

The purpose of this report is to present to Angus IJB the Winter Planning arrangements for NHS Tayside and Health & Social Care Partnerships for 2019/20. This is an integrated plan and work has been ongoing to ensure the Health & Social Care Partnerships and Acute Services are developing cohesive plans for winter.

The IJB approved and endorsed the Winter Plan (NHS Tayside and Partner Organisations 2019/20) for submission to the Scottish Government.  They also considered the cost pressures to deliver the services required to meet winter demand on the background of ongoing flow challenges and noted the whole system working in preparation for anticipated winter challenges.


Agenda Item 11 – Chief Social Work Officer Annual Report 2018 -19 (Report IJB 66/19)

This report presents the Angus Council Chief Social Work Officer Annual Report for 2018 to 2019 to be considered and approved by Angus Council on 17 October 2019.

The IJB noted the content of the Chief Social Work Officer’s Annual Report 2018 to 2019.


Agenda Item 12 – Angus Community Justice Partnership Annual Outcome Activity Return 2018-19 (Report IJB 67/19)

The Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 places a duty on partners to work together to achieve outcomes to reduce re-offending.  As part of the reporting process, an annual outcome activity return is required to be submitted to Community Justice Scotland, and was presented for information.

The IJB noted the content of the Angus Community Justice Partnership Annual Outcome Activity Return.

Feedback and Comments

We hope you found this brief summary useful, but any comments or feedback are considered very useful.  Please contact us at our email address: hsciangus.tayside@nhs.net.