Are carers in Scotland aware of their rights?

Last November we carried out a quick survey with over 1000 carers across Scotland and found that

  • 51% of the carers had never heard of the Carers ( Scotland) Act
  • around two-thirds of carers were unaware of the various rights that they now have under the new legislation.
  • We also received over 200 comments from carers sharing their good and bad experiences of accessing support for themselves.

We’d like to repeat the survey again this year to see whether things have improved for carers across Scotland. So if you are a carer, we would really appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to complete this quick survey for us please – it should take no longer than 3 minutes.

If you are an organisation that supports carers, could you please help us by sharing the survey with carers who access your services. Any help to promote the survey will be much appreciated!

The closing date for the survey is 19 November, and we hope to share the results with everyone on Carers Rights Day (21 Nov).

Many thanks

Shubhanna Hussain-Ahmed

Coalition of Carers in Scotland