Advice for unpaid carers

If you are not already in contact with social work services and want to find out more about local support that is available for carers, you can find out more by visiting Angus Carers Centre or emailing

The Carers Centre is currently closed and all staff are home working. If you need to talk to a support worker about your caring role please get in touch by calling 07387017438 or 07387017440. This will take you to one of our admin workers. Give them a summary of why you are calling and they will get a message through to the appropriate member of staff who will call you back as soon as they can.
Please do not leave a message on our office number answer machine as calls will not be picked up.

Anyone providing regular support to a vulnerable friend or relative will want to do what they can to protect their own health and that of those they look after during the coronavirus outbreak.

Like everyone, unpaid carers (including young carers) and people being cared for should familiarise themselves with the public health advice on how to protect themselves from infection. As the situation is changing quickly, the guidance may also change, so carers should therefore check regularly to make sure they are following the latest guidance at NHS Inform.

Carers who do not already have an emergency plan in place may also want to talk with family and friends about who could take over their caring role if they become ill or need to self-isolate – particularly while social work services are under additional pressure during the coronavirus outbreak. It will also be important to make sure you have key information about the person you care for easily available – so that anyone taking over care has all the information they need.

Where carers and family and friends are unable to provide essential care for someone, they should contact their local social work department. Contact details can be found here.

See NHS 24 for advice on coronavirus symptoms; precautions to take; and what to do if you think you may have become ill with coronavirus –

As you will be very much aware, issues relating to the response to the Covid-19 outbreak continue to move at a very fast pace, but at all times guided by expert scientific advice.

Joint Statement on COVID-19 – Carers Scotland and Carers Trust Scotland

Carers Scotland and Carers Trust Scotland are making a joint statement regarding the coronavirus – or COVID-19. The statement can be found here.