Supporting Care Needs at Home

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment identifies that the population of Angus is growing older and that the population of Angus will continue to age for the next 20 years. It is anticipated that this change in population demographics will place a further increase in demand on services if they continue to be delivered in the same way. The Strategic Commissioning Plan 2019/22 aims to continue to address demographic change by changing the way that services are provided and to shift the balance from care to supporting more people at home. The focus of the Strategic Commissioning Plan 2019/22 is to support care needs at home by enhancing opportunities for technology enabled care; further progressing self-directed support; and delivering change in care at home services through the Help to Live at Home project.

Our Measures

1 in 55 Adults received Personal Care in 2019/20. A 6% increase over the previous year.

507, 465 hours of Personal Care was delivered in 2019/2014% more than the previous year.

92% of people spent their last months at home or in a community setting. Up from 91% the previous year.

More Detail on the measures can be found here.

Our Practice