My Power Of Attorney

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership is supporting the National Power of Attorney Campaign.

It is never too soon to think about what you would like to happen if you become ill, or if your illness gets worse. There are certain practical steps that everyone should take when thinking about planning for the future and arranging a Power of Attorney is one of these. Planning ahead in this way will make the financial, legal and practical consequences of illness for families much easier to deal with.

More information can be found over at the My Power Of Attorney website.

Advice from Claire Milne, Post Diagnostic Dementia Social Worker, Angus Health and Social Care Partnership:

Here are some experiences from people who have Power of Attorney

After I attended an NHS awareness session on the benefits of Power of Attorney,  my wife and I agreed to arrange POAs for each other. As it so happened, sometime later, my wife developed Alzheimer’s with a rapid progression rate. I was able to deal with my wife’s finances and, as we had also arranged Welfare POA, the placement into long term care was made easier. This was already such a distressing and emotionally challenging time for the family, so at least we were all spared any lengthy and stressful legal procedures and we were able to focus on the well-being of my wife and our family.

I would urge anyone, no matter what age, to get POA organised as early as possible. It needs to be organised when things are going well, as it may be too late or very difficult to do it in the middle of a future crisis. I can’t imagine how much more dreadful our situation would have been without it.

A. Jack, Service User Representative, Angus Integration Joint Board