National Apprenticeship Week

This is national apprenticeship week.

Throughout the week, Angus Health and Social Care Partnership is promoting the positive impact that modern apprentices have on individuals and the workplace.

Today we hear about how volunteering can help you get started as a Modern Apprentice, which can lead to a career in social care.

Volunteering offers a valuable experience, which can lead to a career in social care work.  Many people want to help elderly and vulnerable people in their community but often don’t know where to start.

Jane got in touch with Voluntary Action Angus, who helped her to find volunteering in a local voluntary care work project. This led to both securing paid work and gaining the qualification necessary in working with the elderly.  Jane said, “I’ve always liked helping elderly people.  At the start of my volunteering, most of the things I did were social activities, now I’m attending to their care needs and I’m at the start of a career where eventually I want to be a nurse.  Being a Modern Apprentice has been a great stepping stone.”

For help in relation to volunteering in health contact:

Tomorrow we hear from Bill Troup, Workforce Lead for Angus Health and Social Care Partnership.