This week is national mental health week

Its theme is Kindness

Bill Troup, Head of Mental Health Services, Angus Health and Social Care Partnership said:

“This reflects that our lives including relationships and connections, we have taken for granted have been turned on there heads over the past three months. However during this difficult time we have also found new strengths within ourselves, from family and friends, our communities and even strangers. Acts of kindness is seen daily on television and social media. Locally, Voluntary Action Angus has raised nearly £30,000, double its original target, from donations to support kindness and compassion. We are all doing something extra, such as checking how our neighbours are, or showing our compassion for front line key workers, every Thursday night.

“Science supports what we all feel, that kindness is good for our own mental health. Acts of kindness create an emotional warmth, which releases a hormone known as oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the release of chemicals which dilates the blood vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure.

“Can I ask that you post a picture, quote or anything that represents the meaning of kindness for you. (AHSCP Facebook). My picture represents checking in with friends which, thanks to social media is easy to do, but will have a significant impact for people knowing that you have taken the time to do so.”

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