Scottish Mental Health Law Review – Consultation

The Scottish Government have launched a consultation seeking people’s views and experiences of current mental health laws in this country and hope as many people as possible are able to respond to this consultation in a way which suits them.

This can be accessed online via:

You can also access the consultation via their new website which can be viewed by following this link:  

This website has been designed so that people can see what stage the review is in (currently phase 1) as well as hosting relevant documentation about the review. 

All future announcements relating to the review will also be posted on this website. Over the next few weeks they will be adding to the site and, for example, will include information about the Advisory Groups.

As the review moves forward the website will be updated and will include details about the work of the advisory groups which are already up and running, as well as those which will come online shortly. It will also be able to incorporate blogs, videos etc. as well as publicising upcoming events including those which will be delivered by various partners. There is also a facility for people to contact the review team.

The review will also be on twitter and you can follow us at @MHLRScot

Please share this news with anyone you feel would be interested in the consultation or the work of the review in general.