Carers Emergency Card

You may be a parent, a partner, a son or daughter, a sister or brother or friend of someone who needs support as a result of an illness (physical or mental illness and substance misuse), condition or disability. If you provide them with help and support to manage their life – you are a carer.

Being a carer is a unique role and you may know more about the person you care for than anyone else. Completing a Carers Emergency Plan will help you let others know what needs to be done for the person you care for, and may stop an emergency becoming a crisis. It can give you and the person you care for peace of mind, knowing they will be looked after as you both wish, until you are able to carry out your role. Making a plan can also help you have conversations with friends, family and trusted neighbours about the role they can play in an emergency, by being an emergency contact.

If you would like advice and support to develop your plan, and the person you support has a care manager or case holder, speak to them about this. If they don’t, contact Angus Carers Centre on 01241 439157 or email:

Carers tell us that they often wonder what would happen to the person they care for if they are in an accident or suddenly taken ill at home. Give yourself added reassurance by carrying a Carers Emergency Card which tells others that you have a caring role. This is a free service.

If you share your plan with Angus Health and Social Care Partnership you will have access to a 24-hour emergency helpline, so if you are unable to do so yourself, the Partnership can get in touch with your emergency contacts on your behalf, or take appropriate action. If you would like a Carers Emergency Card but do not have anyone to act as an emergency contact, please call us to discuss this.

When you register you will be issued with a carer’s emergency card (credit card size) to carry with you. The card records your unique reference number and a contact phone number for the emergency helpline. Remember, the card is only as good as the information that is shared with us. If any of your details have changed you need to let us know so that the card remains effective in the event of an emergency!

To find out more, please call 01307 464943 or 01307 462670.