Help us create a Community Wellbeing Centre in Angus

Angus Health & Social Care Partnership are thrilled to invite you to contribute your ideas and opinions on establishing a Community Wellbeing Centre in Angus. This is an opportunity for residents of Angus to actively participate in shaping the future of our community.

The majority of demand for mental health and wellbeing support is in your local community, and the Community Wellbeing Centre could meet some of this demand. We would like your views on having a Community Wellbeing Centre in Angus, where it should be located and what the opening times should be.
During this event, we will discuss various aspects of the proposed Community Wellbeing Centre, including its purpose, services, and potential benefits for our community. Your input will help us understand the needs and desires of our residents, ensuring that the centre reflects what matters most to you.

To register for an online session, please visit this link
To register for a face-to-face session, please contact or call 07932 775 651

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