Mental Health Awareness Week – 11th May

Angus Mental Health and Wellbeing Network (AMAHWN) and Voluntary Action Angus (VAA) are working together to promote Mental Health Awareness Week (9 – 15th May, 2022). This year, the theme is ‘Loneliness’. Across the country, people will be reflecting on loneliness and how it impacts our mental health.

In Angus, we are promoting a range of activities and events that are taking place throughout the week. For more information about what’s on in your area please follow the link: What’s on – Mental Health Awareness Week

We are also highlighting the fantastic work that our partners are involved with and improvements that have been made to mental health and wellbeing services in Angus.

Want to kick start a conversation about mental health, loneliness and making connections? There are a range of resources available from the Scottish Recovery Network. Please follow the links below for more information:

Recovery Conversation Café toolkit

You can also order our Wellbeing teacups and wellbeing teacup exercise as separate resources. They are a great way to bring people together and prompt conversations around wellbeing.

Let’s talk about recovery CHIIME conversation cards (scroll down)

Did you know?

The Community Mental Health Service is now available 7 days a week across Angus. This service supports adults with severe and enduring mental health issues when they are discharged from hospital and aims to support people in the community and prevent admission to hospital. People can be referred for weekend support from Crisis Response and Home Treatment Teams, In-Patients and the Community Mental Health Team.

Did you know?

We have a lead GP for Mental Health and Wellbeing in Angus, Dr Lee Barry, who helps GPs and services provided by the NHS, Angus Council and voluntary sector work more effectively together. This helps the people of Angus receive more joined up care.