Mental Health Awareness Week – 14th May

Angus Mental Health and Wellbeing Network (AMAHWN) and Voluntary Action Angus (VAA) are working together to promote Mental Health Awareness Week (9 – 15th May, 2022). In Angus, we are highlighting the fantastic work that our partners are involved with and improvements that have been made to mental health and wellbeing services in Angus.

An example of this is the innovative student wellbeing team at Dundee and Angus College. The aim is to improve wellbeing which contributes to student’s retention and attainment and, most importantly, overall student satisfaction and engagement levels. 

Working in partnership with community organisations across Angus and Tayside the team delivered a range of online and face to face wellbeing activities to over 1500 students in 2021. Activities included the After Hours project which used social media channels to nurture participation even when students were learning from home, online energisers to increase energy, fun and motivation to keep wellness in check when lecturers felt energies were waning, and food parcels for over 500 students. Subsequently a Food Larder for students has been set up on campus.

Another example of this is the Co-op Foundations annual campaign regarding loneliness – “Lonely, Not Alone”. Take a step into the Lonely, Not Alone universe, a safe place for young people to share stories, find their tribe and discover the one small step that could help to make things better.

The universe goes on forever. Loneliness doesn’t have to. For more information follow the link: 

Lonely Not Alone

Did you know?

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership have employed four Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) to work closely with GPs and specialist mental health services. Two ANPs have completed their two year specialist training and two are about to commence training.  We know the connection between mental health and physical health is strong. The ANP role promotes joint working and helps manage the mental and physical wellbeing of people with severe and enduring mental health needs. They also have a key role in working with people with lived experience of mental health problems, families and carers to look at how services can be developed and improved.

Did you know?

Suicide Prevention is everyone’s business, and training for staff and members of the public is available across Angus. The training raises awareness and confidence to talk about suicide and how to connect someone to the right support. If you are interested in attending training, please contact

Did you know?

The Scottish Government has implemented the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Standards to help reduce deaths, and other harms associated with drug use, and to promote recovery. These standards define what is needed for the consistent delivery of safe, accessible, high-quality drug treatment across Angus that will improve and increase access, choice and support. The standards apply to all services and organisations responsible for and involved in the delivery of recovery-oriented systems of care for people who experience problems with their drug use, and their families.