Neurological Enhanced Community Support

The Neurological Enhanced Community Support (NECS) project was funded by monies from the Scottish Government to support the Neurological Care & Support Framework. It provided a proactive and comprehensive wrap-around support service for neurological patients with a focus on people with MS and Huntington’s disease. The main aim was to prevent crisis management and maintain people at a good level of well-being for as long as possible.

The Enhanced Community Support (ECS) model of care was initially introduced in parts of Angus in 2013 to support adults and older people to remain at home. ECS has since been rolled out and now covers the whole of Angus. The ECS model of care provides a rapid response to an escalation of an identified need in medically fit people. One of the key aims is to improve patient experience and outcomes whilst reducing the need for emergency or unnecessary admission to the hospital.

We believed that the model would apply to other groups, such as people with a neurological condition, who are often younger. This will help support people before a crisis point. This was in keeping with the local strategic planning to meet the needs of younger adults with physical disabilities.

The NECS project commenced in August 2021 and concluded in October 2022.

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