Strategic Commissioning Plan

The Strategic Commissioning Plan is now being reviewed. More information can be found here.


We will deliver our vision through focusing service integration, improvement and transformation through four areas of work (strategic priorities). These areas of work are influenced by three performance areas that we also have to manage.


  • PRIORITY – Improving Health, Wellbeing & Independence

  • PRIORITY – Supporting Care Needs at Home

  • PRIORITY – Integrated & Enhanced Primary Care & Community Responses

  • PRIORITY – Integrated Pathways With Acute & Specialist Providers for Priorities in Care

WORKFORCE – Delivering a workforce fit for the future
RESOURCES – Delivering services with the funds available to us and in the right environments
CLINICAL, CARE AND PROFESSIONAL GOVERNANCE – Ensuring that services and environments are safe

PRIORITY – Improving Health, Wellbeing & Independence

Develop foundations for good health. Tackle risk factors and support people to plan for life and wellbeing across the life course.

PRIORITY – Supporting Care Needs at Home

Support care needs at home, offering wider options for care and housing solutions which can sustain people’s place in the community.

PRIORITY – Integrated & Enhanced Primary Care & Community Responses
Provide high standards of Primary Care for all practice populations, and enable more integrated responses to be delivered in a community setting. Make more effective use of community health and social care services in intermediate settings (statutory and non statutory), ensuring there are care options available 24/7 when needed. Use institutional care options only for health and social care that can’t be provided at home.

PRIORITY – Integrated Pathways With Acute & Specialist Providers for Priorities in Care
Use specialist care settings appropriately. Integrate assessment, rehabilitation and care where possible in non acute settings. Consider whole pathways of care across all priorities.

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