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This page contains annual reports detailing our performance as a partnership. They are also available via an interactive Data Dashboard which is currently being developed and updated on a regular basis.

Strategic Commissioning Plan

We must produce a strategic commissioning plan that sets out how we will plan and deliver services using the integrated budgets under our control. We must fully engaged with our stakeholders in the preparation, publication and review of the strategic commissioning plan, in order to establish a meaningful co-productive approach, to enable us to deliver the national outcomes for health and well-being, and achieve the core aims of integration.

Current Strategic Plan

Previous Strategic Plan(s)

Annual Performance and Reports


The public sector equality duty (The Equality Act 2010 ) came into force in Scotland in April 2011 – this is often referred to as the general equality duty. Scottish public authorities must have ‘due regard’ to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.

The Public Bodies Specific Duties lay out that all Scottish Public authorities must publish a report on mainstreaming the equality duty; a set of equality outcomes. Duties in relation to employees continue to apply to Angus Council and NHS Tayside.

The Integration Joint Boards are now classed as public bodies under the regulations and must therefore publish a renewed set of equality outcomes and measures, and a revised Equalities Mainstreaming Report