Value Your Medicines

Value your medicines, a best value approach to prescribing which will:

  • Support a transformation of care pathways for diabetes
  • Implement of prescribing formulary and associated guidance
  • Focus on chronic pain pathways
  • Engage the public and provide information regarding medicines use and waste
  • Review of non medicines prescribing and the development of an agreed formulary

Our mission for prescribing:

“To ensure prescribing is appropriate, safe, clinically effective and cost effective for the population of Tayside”

Our vision for prescribing:

“To deliver the best health outcomes for every person in Tayside by sharing the responsibility and accountability for prescribing decisions”

Our strategic aims:

  • Facilitate best practice, with safe, high quality prescribing choices
  • Enable shared decision making with an informed, empowered patient
  • Nurture innovation and enable change
  • Ensure governance, systems and processes support quality prescribing
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