21 June 2023

Welcome to the briefing from the Angus Integration Joint Board (IJB).  It is hoped this short summary will help to provide some details about the work taking place in Angus to support health and social integration.  We are always interested in any feedback and if you want to leave comments, details of how these can be provided are given overleaf.

The latest IJB meeting took place on 21 June 2023 and what follows is a summary of the topics that were discussed in open session.  If you would like to see the full reports these are published online at:  https://www.angus.gov.uk/healthsocialcareintegration/integration_joint_board_agendas_reports_and_minutes

Agenda Item 6 – Appointments (Report IJB 31/23)

The purpose of this report was to extend the current arrangements in place and to also designate a new Depute Chief Officer from 1 August 2023.

The IJB agreed to designate Jillian Galloway, Head of Community Health and Care Services, as Depute Chief Officer for a further period until 31 July 2023 in order to support operational demand; and also agreed to designate Eunice McLennan, Head of Community Health and Care Services, as Depute Chief Officer from 1 August 2023 until the IJB in February 2024.

Agenda Item 7 – Mental Health and Learning Disability Improvement Plan (Report IJB 32/23)

The purpose of this report was to bring forward an updated Mental Health and Learning Disability Services Improvement plan for approval following on from a special meeting of the Angus IJB on 27 March 23 (Report 15/23).

The Chief Officer for Angus IJB brought forward a report prepared by the Chief Officer of Perth and Kinross Integration Joint Board in their capacity as Lead Partner for the coordination of strategic planning for inpatient mental health and inpatient learning disability services.

The IJB noted the update report from the Perth & Kinross Chief Officer.

The IJB approved the Tayside Whole System Mental Health and Learning Disabilities would be approved by the Angus IJB Chief Officer, in consultation with the Chair. 

The IJB also agreed that the Chief Officer of Perth and Kinross IJB, as Lead Partner for coordinating mental health and learning disability strategy across Tayside, will bring forward a progress update of the Mental Health and Learning Disability Services Improvement Plan to the Angus IJB in December 2023.

Agenda Item 8 – Angus Living Life Well Summary Update Report (Report IJB 33/23)

The purpose of this report was to provide Angus IJB with an annual report in relation to the progress of Angus Living Life Well Plan.

The IJB acknowledged and discussed the progress made in relation to the Angus Living Life Well implementation plan and accepted future progress updates post June 2023 will be included as part of the Strategic Planning Update.

Agenda Item 9 – Finance Report (Report IJB 34/23)

This report provides the IJB with an update on the financial position of Angus IJB at the end of the financial year 2022/23. It also provided an update on the impact of COVID-19 on the IJB financial position, an update on reserves, financial planning, financial risks and governance.

The IJB scrutinised and noted the overall financial position of Angus IJB for 2022/23; and approved the Angus IJB approaching other organisations with a view to exploring collaborative opportunities.

The IJB endorsed an increased level of transparency regarding the implications of delivering underfunded Scottish Government directives, and scrutinised and noted the update on Reserves.  The IJB also scrutinised and noted the issues documented regarding Financial Governance.

Agenda Item 10 – GP Practice Premises Strategy (Report IJB 35/23)

The purpose of this report was to present the IJB with the Angus GP Practice Premises Strategy 2023-2026.

The IJB acknowledged the current priorities and actions within the Angus GP Practice Premises Strategy and acknowledged that engagement with GP Practices and their patients has shaped the development of this GP Practice Premises Strategy (surveys and focussed engagement events), however noting that consultation and engagement with Practices, patients and wider public will be an on-going and continuous activity, specifically occurring as situations arise.

The IJB scrutinised and approved the Angus GP Practice Premises Strategy and acknowledged progress will be monitored through the Primary Care Strategic Oversight Group. 

Agenda Item 11 – Primary Care Improvement Plan (Report IJB 36/23)

The purpose of this report was to provide members with an update on the progress made on the Primary Care Improvement Plan to date and confirm the outturn position of funds for 2022-23 and describe plans for 2023/24.

The IJB acknowledged the progress to date made on the Primary Care Improvement Plan and acknowledged the position in relation to the Primary Care Improvement Fund (PCIF) allocation.

The IJB devolved authority to Angus General Medical Services Contract Implementation Advisory Group (CIAG) and GP Sub Committee to approve decisions against 2023/24 funding.

Agenda Item 12 – Angus and Dundee Stroke Rehabilitation Pathway Review (Report IJB 37/23)

This report provides the IJB with an update of progress made to redesign the Dundee and Angus Stroke Rehabilitation Pathway. The development of the pathway emphasises the support and commitment to delivering effective, high quality, specialist care within the community setting. The pathway links directly to priority areas three and four of the Angus HSCP Strategic Commissioning Plan 2023-2026 and to multiple priorities within the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes. This pathway work outlines the planned establishment of a person centred, stroke specific community rehabilitation pathway which aligns to feedback received from patients and their families and the national Progressive Stroke Pathway.

The IJB acknowledged the work completed to date and supported the direction to merge further work with the wider Tayside Neuro/Stroke Pathway.  The IJB also agreed the financial implications and how this will be managed by the AHP service.

Agenda Item 13 – Clinical Care and Professional Governance Annual Report (Report IJB 38/23)

This report was brought to the IJB to provide assurance on the clinical and care governance activities and arrangements across the Partnership as outlined in the Getting It Right For Everyone Framework in accordance with the Partnership Integration Scheme. Clinical Governance is a statutory requirement to report on, at Board level, from Scottish Government as per NHS MEL (1998) 75. The IJB was asked to provide their view on the level of assurance this report provides and therefore the level of assurance regarding clinical and care governance within the Partnership.

The IJB reviewed and accepted the level of assurance provided by NHS Tayside Care Governance Committee in relation to Clinical, Care and Professional Governance within Angus HSCP.  

The IJB reviewed and accepted the level of assurance provided by NHS Tayside Care Governance Committee in relation to Clinical, Care and Professional Governance in the Acute Division of NHS Tayside which includes delegated, locally managed NHS and Angus Council functions.

The IJB also supported the continuation of an integrated approach, the frequency of meetings, and the breadth of the business undertaken at meetings of Angus Clinical, Care & Professional Governance Group and requested an update in relation to Resilience Planning and Civil Contingencies for a future IJB meeting.

Agenda Item 14 – Annual Performance Dashboard (Report IJB 39/23)

The purpose of this report was to update Angus IJB on the progress made in delivering the Strategic Plan and the effect of our activity on performance during 2022/23. This report builds on previous performance reports presented to the IJB. The report demonstrates the impact of some of the improvements being made across the partnership and how progress is being made towards delivering the vision, strategic shifts and planned improved outcomes for the people of Angus.

The IJB acknowledged and discussed the current performance within Angus HSCP for 2022/2023 and requested the Chief Officer to provide a performance dashboard to the IJB biannually.

Agenda Item 15 – Angus Alcohol and Drugs Partnership and AIDARS Update (Report IJB 40/23)

This report provided an update on the business and progression of national policy and priorities in relation to drugs and alcohol at a local level.

The IJB approved the content of the Alcohol and Drugs Partnerships (ADP) Strategy 2023-26 and acknowledged the current progress of implementation of the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Standards in Angus and the expectation of ownership and responsibility from Chief Officer.

The IJB supported the approach taken to the Whole family Approach Framework and funding stream and supported the progress of the Culture of Kindness.

The IJB also acknowledged and approved the submission of the ADP Annual Reporting Survey 2022/23.

Agenda Item 16 – Prescribing Management Update (Report IJB 41/23)

This report provided an update to the IJB on prescribing management in Angus.

The IJB scrutinised the content of the paper and the ongoing measures being taken to ensure efficient and effective prescribing within Angus.

The IJB acknowledged the increase in prescribing costs and plan for 2023/24 to seek to ensure best value prescribing across Angus and requested an update to the August 2023 IJB regarding the development of plans to demonstrate how costs can more closely be aligned to available resources.

Agenda Item 17 – NHS Tayside and Social Care Digital Update (Report IJB 42/23)

Further to the meeting in November 2022 where the Digital Directorate provided an update on the delivery of programmes supporting the ambition of the Digital Strategy, the Board noted from this report the further advancement in the delivery of the 2023-24 programmes of work. As outlined, the strategy lays out the ambition to develop digitally powered services that will help the people of NHS Tayside live longer, healthier, and happier lives. The strategy identifies the areas where digital can have the biggest impact on our services, reducing pressure on resources and improving outcomes for patients.

The IJB acknowledged the Digital Directorate have created an overarching Digital Strategy for the 2022-27 and have identified key programmes of work to deliver this ambitious strategy. These are reflected in our Annual Operating Plan, with progress on each deliverable clearly outlined for the Board’s awareness.

The IJB acknowledged the Angus progress in relation to the subset items in the Annual Operating Plan.

Feedback and Comment We hope you found this brief summary useful, but any comments or feedback are considered very useful.  Please contact us at our email address: tay.angushscp@nhs.scot

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