Carers Week 2023

At the start of this year’s Carers Week 2023, I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of the unpaid carers in Angus.  

All carers are unique – there is no such thing as a typical carer. A carer is someone who provides support to a family member, friend, a child, parent, sibling, neighbour or a combination of loved ones and the care they provide to the people they care for is invaluable for them.  It is likely that many of us will be a carer for loved ones at some point in our life, and this can happen unexpectedly.

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership is committed to supporting young and adult carers in Angus and we provide funding to Angus Carers Centre and other carer organisations in Angus, which allows for the delivery of a comprehensive range of information, advice, development of support plans and support for carers across Angus.

Recognising and supporting carers in the community is the theme for this year’s Carers Week. Everyone has a role to play in raising awareness of caring and Carers Week is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the vital contribution unpaid carers make to families and communities throughout Angus. I would like to draw attention to our responsibility to acknowledge the caring needs of an increasingly diverse society. This means being alert to the different caring traditions within our communities and being aware of the views of both the carer and the cared for.

The new Carers Strategy for Angus will be published later this year. This strategy is being developed in partnership with carers who tell us that caring can be challenging and rewarding and that carers need to be celebrated. It is more important than ever that we support carers in their caring roles and we have a responsibility to provide carers with the support they need to care safely and to have a fulfilling life alongside their caring role.

If you think you are a carer or know someone who is, please contact Angus Carers Centre by visiting or call 01241 439157.

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