Angus launch of Care Opinion

Angus residents can now feedback on local health services following the Angus launch of Care Opinion on Tuesday, 4 April. 

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is committed to hearing from Angus residents about their experiences of using health services. Patient feedback will be used to inform and improve service provision going forward.

Gail Smith, Chief Officer of Angus HSCP said, “We welcome the opportunity to continue to improve services and many Angus healthcare services have already signed up to Care Opinion. This means that service users, carers and families will be able to share their stories and experiences.

“It’s really easy to give your feedback. Simply visit the Care Opinion website and click the ‘Tell Your Story’ tab. Your feedback will then be shared with the team who delivered your care and they can respond directly to your comments.

“Feedback is a vital part of service delivery and improvement and having access to the UK’s leading independent, non-profit feedback website will enable the Angus public’s experiences to be captured easily and at their convenience.

“We have already had fantastic feedback for Arbroath Infirmary, Angus District Nurses and Whitehills Minor Illness and Injury Unit to name but a few, so please log on and share your experience, good or bad, with us.”

Visit Care Opinion website at feedback can also be provided by calling 0800 122 3135 and feedback forms will be available in hard copy from services for those who do not have internet access. Posters encouraging people to leave feedback will also be on display in services across Angus.

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