Danny’s Volunteering Journey – Volunteers Week – June 2024

Danny, Angus HSCP Driver

After leaving the RAF after 38 years I decided to retire early but soon found I needed to do something with my time that would benefit people who needed help across Angus. I was informed of volunteer driving by several drivers who were already doing volunteering, I decide to contact the office and offer my services.

After an interview and attending training, my volunteer journey began. I have been doing this for over 11years, mainly driving children to school and to contact centres for children to meet families. I have transported children from the age of 2 to the elderly aged 91. I also get calls to take people to other places, like day services and hospital appointments. You build a good rapport with the passengers you drive for long periods.

Covid did not stop volunteer drivers as we were asked to provide a service although more limited and had our vehicles fitted with screens for extra protection for myself and my passengers.

Volunteering gives me a reason for getting up in the morning and helping others who need help. All volunteers readily help others not just me.

I hope if one day I need help, the services provided by all volunteers is available and I will commit myself as best I can to contribute to this valuable organisation. 

Leigh Mitchell, Volunteer Service Manager, said “I am privileged to manage the Volunteer Service; I am fortunate to meet lots of people who are keen to help others. I get to see firsthand the benefits volunteers have on our communities of Angus and there is no end to your giving. You are all truly an example of selfless service, thank you!”

Jillian Galloway, Chief Officer, AHSCP, said “As Volunteer Week approaches, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you. Your generous contribution of time and effort is making a real difference in communities across Angus. Your dedication to volunteering is not only appreciated but also serves as an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being the heart of our community!”

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