A new website dedicated to supporting people living with dementia has been launched in Angus

The Living Well With Dementia website has been created by the Angus Post Diagnostic Dementia Service, in collaboration with Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The resources available have been developed with the help of people who have been diagnosed with dementia.

The website is full of information on how to stay healthy in order to live well and stay independent. There is also a section for carers which provides useful links to websites and apps to ensure they can provide the very best support.

Alongside the website, there is an interactive app users can download to create their very own wellbeing diary. A person with dementia can use the app to update carers or family members about their day and how they are feeling.

Jillian Galloway, Chief Officer, Angus Health and Social Care Partnership said “It is important that people who are living with dementia have all the support they need to stay fit and well.

“I am extremely grateful to the team who has worked hard to produce this important resource which will help people understand more about their illness, how to cope with symptoms and how to plan for the future. The website can be accessed via https://dementiawellbeing.scot.nhs.uk and by choosing the Angus toolkit.

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