07 December 2022

Welcome to the briefing from the Angus Integration Joint Board (IJB).  It is hoped this short summary will help to provide some details about the work taking place in Angus to support health and social integration.  We are always interested in any feedback and if you want to leave comments, details of how these can be provided are given overleaf.

The latest IJB meeting took place on 7 December 2022 and what follows is a summary of the topics that were discussed in open session.  If you would like to see the full reports these are published online at:  https://www.angus.gov.uk/healthsocialcareintegration/integration_joint_board_agendas_reports_and_minutes

Agenda Item 4 – Appointments (Report IJB 85/22)

The purpose of this report is to note the appointments and resignations in terms of the Vice Chair, voting and non-voting members and proxy members as described in Articles 3, 4 and 12 of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Integration Joint Boards) (Scotland) Order 2014, and to appoint two IJB members to the IJB Audit Committee.

The IJB noted the resignation of Emma Jane Wells, voting member of the IJB, with effect from 31 October 2022 and noted the appointment by NHS Tayside of Tracey Bowman as a voting member of the IJB effective from 1 January 2023.  The IJB noted the appointment by NHS Tayside of Peter Davidson to the post of Vice-Chair of the Board and noted that Peter Burke in respect of carers representative, has intimated his resignation as a non-voting member of the Board and a member of the IJB Audit Committee, effective from 1 February 2023.

In terms of the proxy members appointed on behalf of NHS Tayside, the IJB noted that Donald McPherson is no longer an appointed proxy member for Angus IJB and that Professor Graeme Martin, an appointed proxy member will retire on 31 December 2022.  The IJB also noted that NHS Tayside have confirmed that Andrew Thomson is appointed as a proxy member on behalf of NHS Tayside members, in terms of Article 12 of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Integration Joint Boards) (Scotland) Order 2014.  In addition, the IJB noted that with regards to recommendations above, that two vacancies have now arisen in the Audit Committee and to appoint two members of the IJB to its Audit Committee arising from those vacancies, but noting the exclusion of the Chair and Vice of the IJB who cannot be members of the Audit Committee.

Agenda Item 5 – Tayside In-patient Mental Health Services Update (Report IJB 86/22)

The purpose of this report was to provide the Integration Joint Board (IJB) with an update on the current position in relation to Tayside in-patient mental health services.

The IJB acknowledged the current position with In-Patient Mental Health Services in Tayside and supported and approved the recommendations detailed in the Perth & Kinross Integration Joint Board Report on Mental Health Services.

Agenda Item 6 – Angus Living Life Well Implementation Plan Progress Update (Report IJB 87/22)

The purpose of this report was to provide Angus Integration Joint Board with an update in relation to the Angus Living Life Well Plan.

The IJB reviewed and scrutinised progress of Living Live Well Implementation Plan to date and accepted the risks detailed in this report.  The IJB acknowledged the financial framework to support the Living Life Well Strategy remains outstanding and accepted future progress updates will be included as part of the Strategic Planning Update with next update in February 2023.

Agenda Item 7 – Prescribing Management (Report IJB 88/22)

This report provided an update to the IJB on prescribing management in Angus.

The IJB scrutinised the content of the paper and the ongoing measures being taken to ensure efficient and effective prescribing within Angus and acknowledged the development of the strategic and operational meetings planned for 2022/23 and proposed to continue through 2023/24.  The IJB requested a further update to be provided to the Integration Joint Board in June 2023.

Agenda Item 8 – Winter Planning (Report IJB 89/22)

The purpose of this report was to present to the IJB the Winter Planning arrangements for NHS Tayside and Health & Social Care Partnerships for 2022/23.  This is an integrated plan and work has been ongoing to ensure the Health & Social Care Partnerships (HSCP) and Acute Services have developed cohesive plans for winter.

The IJB approved and endorsed the Winter Plan and acknowledged the cost pressures to deliver the services required to meet winter, flu and COVID-19 demand, on the background of ongoing flow challenges.  The IJB approved the delayed discharge target for Angus Health and Social Care Partnership for 22/23; supported whole system working in preparation for anticipated winter challenges, and approved the direction to NHS Tayside.

Agenda Item 9 – NHS Tayside and Social Care Digital Update (Report IJB 90/22)

Further to the meeting in June 2022 where Digital Directorate presented the completion of the NHS Tayside’s Health and Social Care Digital Strategy (2022 – 2027), this report updated the Board on the work that has been progressed by the Digital Directorate in delivering the Digital Strategy 2022-27. The Board will note from this report the advancement in the delivery of the 2022-23 programmes of work supporting the Digital Strategy 2022-27. This strategy lays out our ambition to develop digitally powered services that will help the people of NHS Tayside live longer, healthier, and happier lives. In this strategy we identify the areas where digital can have the biggest impact on our services, reducing pressure on resources and improving outcomes for patients.

The IJB were assured that the Digital Directorate have created an overarching Digital Strategy for the 2022-27 and have identified key programmes of work to deliver this ambitious strategy. These are reflected in our Annual Operating Plan, with progress on each deliverable clearly outlined for the Board’s awareness.

Agenda Item 10 – Finance Report (Report IJB 91/22)

The purpose of this report was to provide the IJB with an update on the financial position of Angus IJB including financial projections for 2022/23, the impact of COVID-19 on the IJB financial position, an update on reserves, financial planning, financial risks and governance.

The IJB accepted the overall projected financial position of Angus IJB for 2022/23 and agreed that the Out of Hours Service will develop a financial recovery plan by February 2023 and that confirmation of progress will be provided to the February 2023 IJB meeting.  The IJB supported the recommendation to increase the IJB’s contingency reserve by c£0.250m to retain it at 2.5% of turnover in line with the IJB’s reserves policy.

Agenda Item 11 – Clinical Care and Professional Governance Mid-Year Report (Report IJB 92/22)

This report provided assurance to the IJB on the work undertaken by the Angus Clinical Care and Professional Governance Group between 1 April 2022 – 30 September 2022.

The IJB reviewed and accepted the level of assurance provided by NHS Tayside Care Governance Committee in relation to Clinical, Care and Professional Governance within Angus HSCP and reviewed and accepted the level of assurance provided by NHS Tayside Care Governance Committee in relation to Clinical, Care and Professional Governance in the Acute Division of NHS Tayside, which includes delegated, locally managed NHS and Angus Council functions.  The IJB supported the continuation of an integrated approach, the frequency of meetings, and the breadth of the business undertaken at meetings of Angus Clinical, Care & Professional Governance Group.

Feedback and Comment

We hope you found this brief summary useful, but any comments or feedback are considered very useful.  Please contact us at our email address: tay.angushscp@nhs.scot

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