23 August 2023

Welcome to the briefing from the Angus Integration Joint Board (IJB).  It is hoped this short summary will help to provide some details about the work taking place in Angus to support health and social integration.  We are always interested in any feedback and if you want to leave comments, details of how these can be provided are given overleaf.

The latest IJB meeting took place on 23 August 2023 and what follows is a summary of the topics that were discussed in open session.  If you would like to see the full reports these are published online at:  https://www.angus.gov.uk/healthsocialcareintegration/integration_joint_board_agendas_reports_and_minutes

Agenda Item 5– Appointments (Report IJB 53/23)

The purpose of this report was to note the appointment by NHS Tayside on 29 June 2023 of Dr Andrew Thomson as GP Representative, to replace Dr Richard Humble and to note that Dr Andrew Thomson is no longer an appointed proxy member for Angus IJB.

Agenda Item 6 – Angus IJB Audit Committee Annual Report 2022/23 (Report IJB 54/23)

This Annual Report was provided by the Angus IJB Audit Committee to the Angus IJB. It summarises the work of the IJB Audit Committee during the year 2022/23.

The IJB considered the Annual Report of the IJB Audit Committee for the year 2022/23 and acknowledged the input provided to the IJB Audit Committee from IJB Audit Committee members, and those supporting the IJB Audit Committee, including Angus Council Legal and Democratic Services and the IJB’s Internal and External Auditors.

Agenda Item 7 – Finance Report 2023/24 (Report IJB 55/23)

The purpose of this report was to provide the IJB with an update on the financial position of the Angus IJB, including financial projections for 2023/24, an update on planned interventions, financial risks and governance.

The IJB accepted the overall projected financial position of Angus IJB and agreed that any revision to Primary Care financial risk sharing agreements will be through the IJB Chief Officer in conjunction with IJB Chief Finance Officer. The IJB agreed that the IJB will continue to seek agreement with NHS Tayside regarding Mental Health financial accountabilities and that any agreement will be through the IJB’s Chief Officer and Chief Finance Officer in conjunction with the Chair and Vice Chair of the IJB.  The IJB requested integrated recovery plans for submission to the IJB’s Executive Management Team by the end of October 2023, setting out how Out of Hours, General Medical Services (2C Practices), Community Mental Health and Occupational Therapy services will be brought back to financial balance and scrutinised and noted the issues documented regarding Financial Governance.

Agenda Item 8 – Strategic Commissioning Plan Update 2023/2024 (Report IJB 56/23)

The purpose of this report was to update the IJB about the progress made to deliver the priorities of the Strategic Commissioning Plan (SCP) 2023-2026 and to provide an update on the development of the Strategic Delivery Plan (SDP).

The IJB acknowledged the progress made to date to deliver the priorities of the SCP 2023 – 2026 and endorsed the updated SDP.

Agenda Item 9 – Angus IJB Strategic Financial Plan 2023/24 – 2025/26 (Report IJB 57/23)

The purpose of this report was to update the IJB regarding the further development of the Angus IJB Strategic Financial Plan for the period 2023/24 to 2025/26 and to seek approval for the contents of this updated plan.

The IJB considered and then approved this version of the Strategic Financial Plan for 2023/24; noted the issues set out and approved four associated recommendations; and agreed that a time-limited Chief Officer Advisory Group is developed to oversee the consideration of proposals to bring the IJB’s SFP back towards longer term balance.

Agenda Item 10 – Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Framework (Report IJB 58/23)

The purpose of this report was to provide Angus IJB with an update on the progress made in relation to compliance with The Equality Act (2010).

The IJB acknowledged the progress made with regards to compliance with the Equality Act (2010) and agreed that the current Equalities Mainstreaming Report 2022-2024 should remain in place.  The IJB requested an updated Equalities Mainstreaming Report and a progress report in August 2024.

Agenda Item 11 – Day Care Report (Report IJB 59/23)

The purpose of this report was to provide the IJB with an overview of the Day Care Services Review and to seek approval of a number of recommendations.

The IJB acknowledged the update on the work undertaken in relation to the Day Care Services review and agreed that a commissioning framework for Day Care Services is developed during the period of the SCP 2023-2026 to enable an operating model that continues to meet need and is affordable and sustainable. The IJB agreed to widen the development of the commissioning framework to include all other community day services across Angus Health and Social Care Partnership and agrees to maintain the current levels of funding for each Day Care provider whilst reducing the number of places being commissioned to allow the providers to increase the number of self-funding places and to build a sustainable business model during the period of the current contractual framework.

Agenda Item 12 – Angus Carers Strategy (Report IJB 60/23)

The Angus Carers Strategy (ACS) 2023-2026 has been created to outline the Angus approach to supporting Carers, building on the principles of ‘Equal Partners in Care’. The ACS reflects the requirements of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2014 and is accompanied by a Delivery Plan which describes the actions that will be undertaken to implement the Strategy.

The IJB approved the content of the ACS and the publication of a final version and endorsed the engagement activities undertaken to inform the preparation of the ACS 2023-2026.  The IJB also requested that the Chief Officer of the IJB report back on progress with the implementation of the ACS and Delivery Plan annually.

Feedback and Comment

We hope you found this brief summary useful, but any comments or feedback are considered very useful.  Please contact us at our email address: tay.angushscp@nhs.scot

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